Giving to "Real People"

This holiday season two amazing women launched an effort with HOW and have made it possible for families to receive gifts they truly need and want, giving my daughter a chance to contribute her "For All" funds to (in her words) "real people instead of a place" (eg. a shelter or school). Thanks to these incredible women for helping Fun Future For All advance its mission!

Check us out on!

Fun Future For All is SO HONORED o be the featured ad this month on Our Parenting Spot! Visit this fantastic online community for parents, caregivers, service providers, you name it. They host open and honest discussions about everyday and not so everyday issues involved in raising kids.  Thank you for driving your membership our way to learn about Fun Future For All's mission! 

Keep the Pictures Coming!

Love seeing the pictures come in of Fun Future For All banks in action! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing to see how kids process the concepts discussed in the book and then express them through their art and savings goals....Lots of future vets in this crew! :)

Fedcap Gala

Last night was amazing...FFFAl was so honored to be a part of Fedcap's 2015 Celebration of Work in NY.  There were over 500 people in attendance and we werefeatured alongside Fedcap Manufacturing, one of the org's many services. We had a chance to meet a ton of people who were excited to hear about FFFA, and not surprised to hear how Fedcap helped us turn an idea into a reality. It's what they do using an over 80 year old model of socially responsible outsourcing. Thank you Fedcap! And thank you to Elliott  who let me take her FFFA bank with me to NY to display next to Orly's at the Gala. They were a hit!  

The Fun Future For All book and bank is on sale now!

It's been a long time coming, but we're so excited that the Fun Future For All book and bank is officially available for purchase.  This educational craft teaches children of all ages the value of saving and giving in a fun and creative way.  Please send photos and your own personal experience via email at and we'll post it here on the blog!