Our Story

Fun Future For All was founded in 2013 by Jolee,  a mom who wanted to instill the value of philanthropy in her child but quickly realized just how challenging it could be. After some hit and miss efforts,  she found that having the conversation over a craft with her daughter, Orly, she was able to bring her little one to the realization that she could help others in the context of her every day life while promoting fiscal responsibility. 

After learning that other parents struggled to instill this value in their children without scaring them silly, Jolee founded Fun Future For All with the goal of teaching kids about philanthropy in creative and effective ways. Our book and bank (click here to purchase) are our first effort towards that goal. 

                  Orly painting a Fun Future For All Bank. 

                  Orly painting a Fun Future For All Bank. 

Fun Future For All was made possible thanks to the generosity of one incredibly philanthropic individual who supported the organization and its founder, and connected her to Fedcap. Fedcap is a 501c3 not for profit organization that puts people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to work, and they have brought our book and bank to life.  Fun Future For All is honored to be affiliated with Fedcap and its workforce who assemble and handle the distribution of the book and bank. To learn more about Fedcap and their mission, please visit www.fedcap.org.

How the First Bank REALLY Came to Be

The book “How the First Fun Future For All Bank Came to Be” tells the story of a little kid and how she came about making Fun Future and For All savings a part of her life., and it's based on a true story.