a conversation, a craft, a commitment.

a conversation

The Fun Future For All children’s book, “How the First Fun Future For All Bank Came to Be,” can help start a meaningful conversation about giving to those less fortunate in the context of saving for yourself and your future. It uses a fun yet meaningful story to drive home the concepts of social fiscal responsibility. Readers learn a fun and creative way to save for your “Fun” item, your “Future” goals, and “For All” of the people who aren’t lucky enough to have the things they truly need.

a craft

Assemble and craft your Fun Future For All bank! Watch this video to see how easily it assembles. The bank has three separate sections that allows for three separate savings. The bank is made of a strong cardboard that be decorated however you see fit. Use everyday craft items, like paint, markers, and stickers to make the Fun Future For All bank your own. Next, draw pictures of your savings goals to display proudly on your bank.  

a commitment

Start contributing to all three sections, and make a commitment to continue saving for yourself and others over time. Remove the funds when your savings goals are met (“I have enough to buy that new toy!”) or the goals shift (“I think I now want to be a teacher when I grow up” or “boys and girls really need warm clothes now that its winter”) and draw new pictures to display your new goals. Keep the Fun Future For All bank on display to serve as a visual reminder of your commitment to save for yourself and others.

The book and bank were assembled at Fedcap by people with disabilities and other barriers to employment

blank book and bank.png